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Construction | Build a better way to manage your fleet

For a safer, more productive construction site

When you’re managing mobile crews, multiple work sites and a lot of equipment it can be easy to lose track of what’s happening. GPS tracking puts you back in control, improving productivity, minimizing downtime and making your assets and work sites more secure. It’s your eyes and ears when you’re not around.

Strategic and tactical planning is made easier when you know exactly what assets you have, where they’re based and what jobs need to be done. Berkut can provide a smart decision engine that allows you to know who to assign to a job, the most economical route to take and the most profitable workflow

Improved Work Site Compliance

On any construction site there’ll be compliance issues you need to observe – restricted access areas, noise ordinances and hours of operation. How can you make sure all your crews are complying with work site policies, avoiding infringements, shut downs or the ire of the neighbors? With Berkut you can easily monitor start and stop times, worker activity or equipment use and receive instant alerts for any exceptions.

Better Supervision for Increased Productivity

Crews are often more productive when supervisors are on-site. With the Co-Location report you’ll be able to monitor how much time supervisors are spending at the work site, as well as keeping an eye on excessive congregating.

Real, Attainable ROI and Powerful Reporting

  • All assets viewed and tracked on a single screen

  • Assign and route workers to job sites with improved efficiency

  • Satellite imagery means you can monitor access around construction sites and route to visual landmarks that are ‘off the map’

  • Rugged GPS hardware to cope with harsh environments

  • Use a ‘What happened here’ feature to easily refute false damage claims

  • Eliminate fuel card fraud with automated reconciliation reports

  • Sensor data: engines, booms, vehicle metrics, more

  • Real-time alerts: out-of-route and off-hours, idling, mileage, more

Delivery | Every wasted mile hurts

Better routing impacts everything

Your service is delivery but your business is fleet management, and wasted miles represent fuel, man hours and customer goodwill. Imagine creating optimum routes for every vehicle, rerouting instantly for traffic and weather, and watching everything in real-time.

Imagine the impact on your customers. And your bottom line.

BerkutTM Route, working with BerkutTM Fleet, is your answer. Berkut Route reduces miles driven, while Berkut Fleet shows you every truck in real-time while it tracks the metrics you need to measure. Together, they make your drivers more efficient, your scheduling a snap, your TOD (Time Of Delivery) a breeze – and your entire courier service more productive.

What you need now:

  • Real-time locations

  • Real-time delivery tracking

  • More accurate delivery times

  • Optimized routes

  • Real-time alerts: out-of-route and off-hours, idling, speeding, mileage, fuel use, start and end time, progress against planned routes, more

Refrigerated Services | For Agricultural, Food and Medical Industries

In addtion to BTU tracking features, BerkutTM Temperature sensor module allows you to monitor temperature remotely in refrigerated trucks in real time, through two channel figure and temperature probes, which are widely used for temperature collection, with temperature curve, and temperature change alarm. This module features UART-TTL level output with metal shell and allows you to,

Expect more from your fleet

  • Monitor temperature through multi-channel temperature pins giving a wide coverage.

  • Analylize temperature truck history through out the journey.

  • Monitor driver behavior –avoid freezer power cut off.

  • Save on energy by keeping ideal compartment temperatures with ±1 centigrade accuracy.

  • A wide temperature detection range: -55 to +125 centigrade

  • Real-time door opening alarms.

Fleet Leasing

When your capital is in other people’s hands, assume nothing

BerkutTM gives you the location, direction and speed of everything in your fleet at your fingertips, on one dashboard. Fleet customers can know and track precisely how each driver is behaving and how each GPS leased vehicle is being operated. BerkutTM Route can instantly generate optimum routes and turn-by-turn directions.

With on-board metrics can alert a fleet manager to optimize vehicle maintenance. BerkutTM Fleet can also provide your customers with an electronic Hours of Service (HOS) compliance solution.

Reduce your risk, carbon footprint and insurance premiums.

  • Electronic driver logs (HOS compliance)

  • Seamless integration and flexible licensing options

  • Integration via extensive APIs

  • SaaS economy, predictability and hassle-free upgrades

  • On- and off-road records for fuel tax savings

  • Optimized fuel use for better corporate responsibility

Heavy Equipment | Plant Equipment Monitoring

Feel the pulse of your equipment

In today's economic environment, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity are critical to the success and growth of any organisation. 

BerkutTM can structure a Plant and Equipment Tracking System to suit your budget and requirements. Whether your organisation consists of one or one thousand pieces of plant and equipment, we have a solution to meet your needs today and grow with you into the future. With a functionally-rich on-screen dashboard you can take management beyond simple tracking by adding advanced navigation, routing and machine metrics to put you in control of all your assets.

The BerkutTM GenTrack Remote equipment Monitoring Solution is designed for Offsite operations and Rental companies. Validate your payroll time sheets and accurately know your daily billing.

Whatever type of equipment you use, we can handle it

The BerkutTM GenTrack allows remote monitoring of the number of hours a generator/equipment has run as well as fuel level and engine parameters.

The benefits include cost charging based on the total amount of running-hours and the reduction of the number of refueling trips to the generator site. The movement detection, GPS location and tracking facilities allow off-site generators/equipment to be tracked in real-time. 

It doesn’t matter whether your equipment is old or new, non-powered or even outside the cellular network, we know how to get the best information from it with a comprehensive range of GPS tracking devices and compatible hardware.


  • Genset theft detection and recovery

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Reduce refueling costs

  • Monitor customer usage

  • Remote control of Gensets

  • Theft Prevention and Recovery

  • Monitor Rental Usage and Lay Overs

  • Monitor Engine Hours - Pro-active servicing- Email Alerts

  • Monitor Fuel Levels - Proactive Refueling

  • Pro-Active Customer Service by Monitoring Rental Schedules

  • Monitor Equipment KPI On Hire/Off Hire

  • Improved Generator and plant equipment availability

  • Optimize fuel, maintenance, safety and green impact

  • Wireless communication - reduced cabling

  • Optimized fuel use for better corporate responsibility

Berkut™ Route | Multi-vehicle Route Optimization

BerkutTM is a powerful, scalable tool for both strategic and tactical resource planning. Because BerkutTM Route is web-based, it has a quicker return on investment than other offerings and enables the solution to be deployed quickly to even the largest of fleets.

  • BerkutTM Fleet delivers customized views using a single, common data repository. Based on a user’s settings, the system provides up-to-the-minute information. Highly configurable, Berkut Fleet allows you to quickly get the information relevant to the user, with easy to create admin console.

  • BerkutTM Fleet utilizes capacitance fuel sensors to monitor fuel levels. BerkutTM Capacitance sensors offer accurate levels in real time with 98.9% accuracy and reliability. The output signal changes as liquid levels change and can be installed on diversified to monitor the fuel level of gasoline, diesel, hydraulic oil and other liquid precisely.

  • Additional features include Delivery Parameters, Paperless Route Assignment, Dynamic Time Windows, Integrated Geo-coding, Planned Vs. Actual Route Comparison, Territory Planning and API Integration as well.