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Berkut™ delivers quality training, rapid and smooth implementations, seamless integration, and reliable customer support.  Leveraging Berkut™ products and services means achieving your goals and delivering on your promises.  We are results driven, and you will see it in improvements to your key performance indicators.  To know how to advance from where you are, contact or call us at +254-755-BERKUT(237-588)

  • Training

    Get more from your Berkut™ Fleet solution with Berkut training courses that provide valuable driver training, supervisor training as well as fleet managers.

  • Implementation

    Launch your Berkut solution for rapid success and payback by leveraging Berkut’ specialized installation and implementation services.

  • Integration

    Deploy GPS tracking and location-based services solutions to suit your business needs and create a seamless GPS deployment solution.

  • Support

    Track leased fleet vehicles to understand total cost of ownership, reduce insurance premiums, improve vehicle security and receive preventative maintenance alerts.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    Berkut™ complete GPS solution and outstanding track record of over 99.9% availability. Service disruptions are practically non-existent.

  • Hardware Selection

    GPS tracking hardware offers customers a flexible and reliable in-vehicle device, using either of the leading GSM / GPRS or CDMA wireless networks

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Berkut TPMS

Berkut™ TPMS internal employ pressure sensors on each tire. The sensors physically measure the air pressure in each tire and report it to the BTU. These systems can identify under-inflation in any combination, be it one tire or all, simultaneously.

About Berkut

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Berkut is the premium provider of Location-Based-Services to enterprises across the globe. Berkut’ scalable, Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform helps enterprises, business owners and fleet managers optimize business operations and manage their global workforce effectively through GPS location technology.